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What We Do

Net5 Marketing is a Colorado based Internet Marketing company.  We consult, manage and help small and medium sized businesses (and Individuals) to get higher rankings within the search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. Our specialty is developing and managing Global, National and Local Search Engine Marketing.

We provide a full range of online marketing services and website development solutions to our clients in order to massively grow their Internet presence.

We build, market, and manage your online presence. Our purpose is to drastically improve your online marketing strategies, to help you brand your business online and to create exciting interactive experiences.

Our services include Website SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media Development, Mobile Marketing, Mobile Websites, Text/SMS Marketing, Website Structure Development, Automatic Email Marketing,  High Quality Back-link Packages,  and overall consultation on Internet Marketing Strategies.

Who We Do It For

We work with businesses in nearly every industry. From the local neighborhood restaurant, to the statewide service company (Roofers, HVAC, Flooring, Doctors, etc.), to the MLM groups, and even individuals trying to make a career in Internet Marketing.  We help businesses and individuals design unique and customized online strategies, focusing on your goals and your vision.  Remember Online Marketing isn’t the standard cookie cutter marketing strategy.  Every business is different ……. Therefore, every Online Internet Marketing Strategy needs to be different …. and always modified.

We expect to be your partner.  We want to teach you everything possible, so you understand how this whole Internet thing works, and how to make it work and grow your business.

Growing the businesses of our clients is our focus and in order to achieve this we adapt ourselves to the concerns, wants, needs and visions of our clients.

Being based in Colorado Springs, we love to work with small business owners that are based here in Colorado. We know that if we can help small businesses here to grow their business thanks to a sound Internet Marketing strategy, it will help our region to strive and grow while creating more jobs and opportunities for everyone here in Colorado.

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