Facebook Ads or Not

I want to share with you my latest experience with Social Media Advertising (in particular Facebook Ads),  so you will have a little ammunition when considering spending money with Facebook Ads.

My test experiment with Facebook ads, that took place for a few months,  was semi effective for smaller niche quick spending product markets but for a larger markets with higher spending points,  I was not seeing an ROI for the campaigns I was running for a couple of my clients.

So I decided to work with one local Denver Client, and choose a few online advertising techniques to see what is more effective today.  We started a Google’s network campaign, targeting the content network than rather search.  Which most of you know the other side of it which is adsense ads (ppc).  We also made a short  Video so his ad can show up in you tube as well.

Over a 2 day test span, there was some surprising activities that happened.  The Google PPC ads were getting less impressions (views), but a higher click-thru rate.  Even though the cost was higher, overall results got more returns.

On Facebook we were averaging $3.30  a click.  Google was $15.93 per click.  But what happened next was great!  My client had 15 new Opt-ins / calls to his office,  which in turn produce 4 new clients.   These 4 new clients more than covered the cost of this test.  One of those new clients was upsold and purchased 2 other high value services also.

On the other side, the Facebook ad only gave one client Optin / call.  This was very surprising to think that Facebook has so many user every day, and the same exact ad did not pull any real leads.

So how does this relate to the Facebook IPO Flop?  See, for the local market businesses that can’t afford  thousands of dollars spending on advertising,  we have to think what is the most effective place to market.  Just As A Sidenote…..  I Still believe,And Will Push This Every Time, That Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) IS The Most Effective Long Term Marketing Campaign!!!!

Facebook can be a great resource to advertise, but they have a lower click-thru rate in general for specific products or services.  I think people are more focused on socializing rather than searching or learning, which is what they are doing on Google.

I would use Facebook to promote things that people will likely do in there downtime or if they want to change something in there lifestyle like a way of eating, health stuff like that.  But when it comes to larger purchase items Fb has a long way to go to make there ad network have a better ROI for them.  this can be their downfall.   I see many changes coming up with Facebook just to keep investors happy, so I’m keeping a close eye on business pages and advertising rules.

BTW Did you read that GM Pull all ads from Facebook?  Check out the Video here.  


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