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Why Is Google Places Optimization A MUST……..  For Your Business?

It’s true! Millions of people are searching online for everything from architects to well diggers. The Internet is the way to get more customers to your business and if you are not using it to the fullest you are missing out on a lot of new business.

You don’t absolutely need the Yellow Pages, radio commercials, or newspaper listings or city search and the rest of those paid listings. All those methods are either old hat or ineffective compared to getting on the first page of Google!


Why You Need To Optimized In Google Places

If you are a business owner in your local area, there are some facts you have to keep in mind the most important being that more that 80 percent of the local businesses you compete with are owned by people who live within a 5-mile radius from your location.

Conventional advertising methods are slowly fading away, newspapers are losing their grip, phone directories have gone extinct, print media is getting expensive and there is too much spam in emails. TV is also losing the effectiveness it once had. The only thing to do now is to turn to Google Places.

Why Google Places?

    • Google Rates Google Places Listings on Top of Page 1
    • Your listing will stand out over the competition with 5 Star Rating and Reviews
    • Reviews… Reviews…  Reviews.   People choose chose your listing because of all the Reviews.
    • You are able to offer Discounts, and Special Offers.  These entice buyers and close the deal.
    • Show business details (Location, Phone #, Operating Hours, Map of location, etc.)
    • Show Pictures and Videos of your businesses products or services.
    • List all the other directory links you are associated with.


Why Net5 Marketing For Google Places?

We know how Google works and we can optimize your website so that you will be at the top and not risk being banned from the important listings. And because about 20 percent of the total Google searches are related to locations, you will be in the new “Yellow Pages” of our time.

This is something your competitors would like you to never find out. Now that you know how important and effective Google Places is, and you can’t wait to have your website at the top of the listings, just come work with us. We will help you dominate the area you are located in, and be the main supplier of the services and products you sell. It’s time to go Google Places, it’s time to work with Net5 Marketing!

Google Places Fee’s:

Every Business is different! Unlike traditional media advertising, Internet Marketing is not a cookie cutter system. Google Places Fee’s depends on the level of competition of the keywords that are related to your business and the number of keywords that you would like to capture the market for.We set our prices the way so it would be affordable for any kind of business. Please click on the link below to get a quote.

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