Google Places Integration With Google Plus

Is Google Plus For Real?

Well, the answer is finally coming true for businesses that depend on Google Places for Ranking and driving traffic to their business.  Most businesses want to be on page #1 of Google.  The best way to do this the last couple of years has been to Optimize your Website, claim and optimize your Google Places page, and do a bunch of SEO for both your site and Google Places and typically within3-4 months, you could get your site ranked very high on Google Places.  Then came Social Media (Facebook).  We most businesses just didn’t have time to get into Social Media and invest time to learn all about it, spend time every week making post and interaction.  Ultimately, they will have to hire someone (internally or externally) to do their SEO and Social Media.  The only thing is…. is that this is where consumers and buyers are getting information about services and products.  If your business is not there on Google and involved in Social Media, your business will not be found.

When looking at Social Media, most people think of Facebook.  Well Google wanted a piece of this Social Media thing too.  Google believes that social networking is the new phase to communicate with people and drive people to their search engines.

So what does this mean for businesses and Google Places.  Well I found some great articles that talk about this.  You can see these articles on the links below.


Change of Google Places

New Google+ Local Tab Unveiled, Will Replace Google Places, at Marketing Land.)

Why is it important to start getting involved in Google+ and make sure all your customers are involved in Google Plus?


Google Places is being phased out in exchange for a Zagat infused Google+ Local tab that can be found underneath the Games button.  Upon clicking on the tab, users will be delivered to recommendations based off of your circles, previous reviews and Zagat ratings:

If any user within a circle has reviewed a business, they will show up alongside the previously reviewed business.



Here’s some great info I suggest you read when you get a minute:

Superb summary by Matt McGee

Professor Maps’s take

What The Man has to say about the change

Great in-depth perspective from David Mihm.  If you’re freaking out and feeling overwhelmed, I especially recommend read this.

Tones of great detail from Greg Sterling – with all the screenshots you need.

The bottom line is this:

If you’ve been working on getting more visible in local Google, keep doing what you’re doing.  The names and looks have changed somewhat, but the fundamentals are still the same, and they’ll still get you the results you need.  No need to worry.  You’ll be just fine.

If you feel like doing something right now, just go to and create a “Google+ Page for Business.”  For now, just create


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