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Doing Local SEO or Website Search Engine Optimization the last 5 years, I have discovered that everything changes.  Whatever strategies that were used last year, may not work any longer, or may actually damage your sites rankings.  I am always searching for new strategies and tips that are using that are working.   

What often happens is that at a certain point you start rehashing some of those topics because either you might not SEO Colorado Springsremember you mentioned it or you’re stuck on finding a different way of presenting the same idea. Right now I’m stuck on how to find a new way to present the ideas on SEO in a different way. I figured this was a good time to encapsulate what I’ve written so far, which pretty much tells you everything you need to consider and some things you might want to consider. And I’m giving you the top 10 based on my own criteria, and in date order, oldest to newest. Here you go:

They Say Content Is King; Is It?

How Long Does SEO Take To Work?

Content And Keywords

A Website’s First 3 SEO Tips

The Benefits Of Internal Linking

SEO VS Backlinks

How Important Is SEO In Your Blogging Content?

Does Proper SEO Work?

A Conversation About Linking For SEO

Tips For Better SEO Provided By Google

Is this everything you need to know or think about when it comes to SEO? Nope, not even close. But it’s a very good start and, I believe, fairly easy to understand if you read it all. There’s even a video in the last post from none other than Google; what could be better?…More at Top 10 SEO Related Article On SEOX Blog | SEO Xcellence Blog

The items above briefly give some ideas to get your mind thinking about SEO for your companies website.  To see more, CLICK HERE, to see how we can help.



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