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Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of modifying the structure, design, and coding of a website to gain recognition from search engines and establish your website as a reliable, useful resource for their users. “Organic” refers to the un-paid search results that are determined by special algorithmic functions created by each search engine. These functions rank websites in search results differently, depending on the search query. Organic optimization is performed by editing the textual content, html coding, and linking structure on a website to increase the relevance of specific keywords and remove any obstacles to “indexing” (analysis of a website) by search engines. The best way to build website traffic and turn the internet into a significant lead-generating source is to attain high search result rankings on the primary search engines (Google, Yahoo! & Bing).

Organic search engine optimization requires careful planning and implementation, which usually comes at a reasonable price. However, the actual ranking and positioning of your website in search engine results is a free service offered by all major search engines. Organic optimization will result in the acquisition of new customers at a fraction of the cost of other forms of advertising. Considering that millions of searchers worldwide are using search engines to find products and services they need, a small investment in organic optimization will result in a large return. Ranking highly in organic search engine results allows you to automatically show up in front of thousands of potential customers every month when your industry specific keywords are searched.

Important Factors:

  • Relevance of textual content to targeted keyword phrases
  • Density of industry specific keywords in text
  • Layout and structure of content (headings, sub-headings, etc.)
  • Simplicity of navigational structure (internal links)
  • Quality / quantity of inbound & outbound links
  • Quality / descriptiveness of Meta tags
  • Popularity of the website
  • Relevance of the domain name (web address)
  • Website load speed
  • Age of the website

The Net5 Marketing Method:

Organic optimization is a time consuming process that requires patience and continuous fine-tuning of a website. Net5 Marketing properly optimizes websites by following all ethical “white hat” guidelines and generally accepted practices on the Internet in general, as well as the guidelines of specific search engines. Maintaining a high ranking in search engines for the long-term is only possible if all ethical optimization principles are followed. Some search engine optimization companies utilize “black hat” optimization techniques that achieve the short-term goal of ranking highly in search results. However, once these unacceptable optimization techniques are discovered, a website can be permanently banned from a search engine. Any new websites that are considered to be associated with the banned, “black hat” website will be penalized, hurting your chances of ever establishing or recovering your web presence. Don’t risk your online reputation with a search engine optimization company that uses illegitimate, “black hat” techniques.



Show Up on Local Listings in Google & Google Maps!

You’ve probably seen your competitors and wondered why you weren’t appearing next to the map on If so, you’re not alone. Google Local Business Listings are a valuable way to place your business information and website in front of searchers at the top of organic search results pages. Since local residents search with local intent and most of those locals prefer’s search engine, a Google Local Listing for your business is a necessity. and the first step towards better search engine optimization (SEO).

Following Google’s strict quality guidelines is of the utmost important in ensuring your Google Local listing shows up in local search result queries. Net5 Marketing knows what angles we can take to drive your business maximized traffic as well as the limitations we must follow to ensure your listing remains active.

Our Enhanced Google Local Listing Package includes optimized placement into 5 core business categories, plus:

  • All basic information including Business Name, Street Address, etc…
  • Web Address
  • Primary Phone & Fax number
  • Alternate Phone
  • Email address
  • 60 character business description
  • Method of Payment accepted
  • Hours of Operation
  • Business Coupons & Offers
  • Uploading of up to 5 YouTube videos (must be supplied by client)
  • Uploading of up to 10 business photos (must be supplied by client)



Link Building

Link popularity is the term used to indicate how many other web pages link to your website or internal website. This includes pages linking from within your own site as well as from pages on other sites. Most search engines measure the link popularity of an individual web page as opposed to your entire web site. Often times you hear people talk about the link popularity of a site and this tends to lead to confusion about what it is and how it is actually measured. The most popular search engines, including Google and Yahoo, have built in indicators on their tool bars that will give you a visual indication of the link popularity of a page. The importance of link popularity to your website’s overall visibility in natural search results we estimate at close to 50% of all factors affecting your keyword rankings. Other SEO firms tend to believe 25%-30% is an accurate estimate, however Net5 Marketing has seen first hand the true value of strong links. The value of link popularity as a part of your overall optimization strategy and resources must be dedicated to building link popularity if you wish to have a successful SEO campaign. Net5 Marketing’s link popularity building campaigns can help you obtain incoming links from high-quality sites, which complement your website through association. Not only will this increase your popularity in algorithm-based search engines but it will also drive valuable traffic to your site.

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