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The Importance of Facebook Pages for your business.

Many business owners today are freaked out by the sheer scoop of utilizing a social media platform like Facebook. Yet most of this fear comes from the fact that they just don’t know where to start.

Below are simple steps to take to get started. As well as an overview of how you can more effectively leverage Facebook to reach your target audience and drive more business

Things Business Owners Can Do to Market More Effectively on Facebook. TODAY!

  • Create a Facebook Page or Claim your Place
  • Upload great images, graphics and videos to capture attention
  • Update your page with daily deals, promos and business news.
  • Create Facebook Events for Promotions and Special Occasions
  • Utilize Contest and Voting Applications on your Facebook Page to engage your followers
  • Go Big Time with Facebook Engagement Ads
  • Integrate Facebook Connect on Your Website and link your internet hubs.
  • Add links to your facebook page to your email signature, website, blog and newsletter to increase awareness and followers.
  • Interact with your followers. Answer questions, start conversations, move the needle.

Facebook is made up of social human beings that talk, share, comment, update, etc, If you don’t engage with your followers they’ll stop paying attention. When you start a Facebook campaign, you’ll need to participate in discussions on your page and respond to followers concerns or questions. When customers discover that there are actually real people behind the page, they tend to come back for more.

Facebook has made it very easy to set up a page for your business. And with more business related functionality being added each year it’s imperative for you to get ahead of the competition. In the coming months we will publish more how-to’s and overviews of other social media tools so stay tuned.

Social Media just isn’t Facebook.

Social Media is all about how people interact, Get Information, Share Information and Interact. Net5 Marketing specializes in Video Marketing and showing your company on over 15o Social Network Sites like



Facebook and Social Media Fee’s:


Starter Basic Professional Business Enterprise












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Comment Responding on FB & Twitter  
24/7 Online Reputation Monitoring
Targeted Engagement on Twitter    
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Cross-Promotion of Networks        
 Add Social Media Icons to Website/Blog        
Monitor Twitter for Key Buying Phrases      
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Facebook Page Visibility Campaigns      
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Blog Content Creation    
Strategic Key Relationship Leveraging      
 Press Release Creation & Distribution        
Online Reputation Management    
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 Email Marketing    
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